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Recent Posts

Intervention: When technology takes over preventing us of doing stupid things

In the last few decades, we have made enormous progress for the whole humanity. In this context, please read the book “Factfullness” of Hans Rosling. More people than ever have access to good education, better health care and better hygiene. But of course it cannot be denied that all this progress – and the consumerism that results…

Trends 2020: The loneliness trend: product of our individualistic society

In 2020 we will feel the consequences of loneliness in all the facets of our individualistic society. The South Korean language has recently added three new words to its vocabulary, all referring to activities that people do all by themselves. Honbap (eating alone), Honsul (drinking alone) and Honeyong (going to the movies alone). The hikikomori (loners) are in danger of becoming a lost generation…

Why extensive trend analyses are necessary for strong innovations

The role of a trend watcher is not only to identify, interpret and wrap trends in a beautiful story that fascinates and inspires listeners. When I give lectures at home and abroad, I make sure that I use my trend stories to inform, entertain and, sometimes, shock those present to provoke reactions. But above all…

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