Looking for trends in your city? Or looking for trend developments in your sector?

Within Coolhunting we conduct research of lifestyles, subcultures and innovations in various social, cultural, technological, demographic, ecological, economic and political-institutional domains. Coolhunting is a way to observe and identify trends. Several coolhunts often expose patterns and tendencies.

Coolhunting is a skill that you can learn and Futureproved can help you out with that.

Do you want to catch the shift in trends productively and master the skill of coolhunting?

At Futureproved we offer 3 packages:

Coolhunt Seminar Learn the tricks of the trade. Futureproved offers an intensive, practical workshop of half a day.
& City
After the workshop, we will guide you and your team to a two-day City Coolhunt in a city of your choice.
Coolhunting on request We will provide you with a tailor-made city coolhunt report or a coolhunt report around one or more subjects and deliver the content in different presentation formats.


Have a pressing question? Want to request a Seminar or Coolhunt?