Trend 2017: Demographic Deficit:: Unpredictable behavior of various generations and search for new definitions!
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The world’s population continues to grow at an overwhelming pace, with larger expanding cities, global migratory flows and a disastrous impact on our planet. In the meantime, we inherit a less rich fauna and flora and the almost irreversible climate change. In addition to that, the population is aging in China, but also in the West.

The widely respected generation of thinkers, talk about millennials, generation X-Y, baby boomers etc. for years, but the differences between all these groups fades away and we can unquestionably talk about a demographic deficit.

Demography and generations associated behavior have turned upside down. One of the many examples that corroborate this: Emma Yang, a 12 year old girl, developed the Timeless app last year to help Alzheimer’s patients, their relatives and caregivers. Timeless provides practical solutions to combat memory loss and confusion by using facial recognition. Emma Yang, who is only in high school, develops a successful app, and presents her app and start up in a crowded room in New York for 300 potential investors. She can also serve as a role model for the trend of inclusivism. Quite something! Isn’t it?

Another example is David Goodall (102 years old) who still is allowed to work. This ecology professor at an Australian university was banned earlier this year from giving lessons. There was a protest that spread worldwide and he finally got back his job. In the USA there is also a 102 year old teacher, who continuous to give lessons. There are no boundaries between work and age, and we will see that in 2017 as a result of the population aging and the uncertainty about the availability of a financial budget for paying pensions and other benefits in the future.

Women and video games, do they get alone? Actually they do. Appearances can be deceiving. Between 2013 and 2016 there was an increase of 32% of women over the age of 50 who actively played video games. The older population also embraces technology and social media. In 2006, 1% of 65+ were active in social media. Now, it’s 49% within the same age range. We noticed an increase of 400% of interracial marriages in the US compared to 25 years ago. Assumptions applied to consumer behavior based on race, age and / or gender fell into disuse long ago and need to be revised straight away.

In October 2016, a boy appeared as Covergirl’s face for the first time, an idea of 17-year-old makeup artist James Charles. There are also many other examples, such as Zara’s gender neutral fast fashion line, or various gender blurring ads in the fashion world.

In Brazil, a video campaign was set up by Houaiss Dictionary to redefine the word family. According to the Brazilian government, the definition of the word family brings down  the bond between a man and a woman. Houaiss Dictionary felt that this definition is long outdated  and it launched a video campaign, where everyone could upload his video and give a definition of what he / she understood by family. It really became a huge success in Brazil with mass uploads.

The South American media took up this hype and the wording of a new definition of the word family appeared. What became the new definition? In 2016, family is considered to be a group of people, which are united by a common bond, usually living in a common space and having a mutual supportive relationship.

We should also not forget that the number of single-parent families is already increasing. According to Datamonitor, Sweden already had 47%  single-parent families in 2013, Germany 40 %, The Nederlands 36% , UK 29%  and  Russia and Poland 25 %.

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